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Network Models Networking Basics Physical Layer Multiplexing Transmission Media Data Link Layer Ethernet Wireless LANs Switching Network Layer Routing Network Layer Protocols Transport Layer Congestion Control Application Layer Client Server Model DNS Application Layer Protocols LAN Topologies LAN Standards Medium Access Methods Frame Relay and ATM Network Security Synchronous Optical Networking Wireless WANs Cellular Telephone and Satellite Networks Storage Area Networks Introduction to Operating Systems OS Basics System Calls Processes and Threads CPU Scheduling Process Synchronization Deadlocks Files Management Storage Management Mass Storage Structure IO Systems Protection and Security Distributed Systems Real Time Systems Swapping Virtual Memory Page Replacement Algorithms File System Implementation Files and Directories Linux System Disk Operating System (DOS) Unix System Windows NT Windows 2000 Server Windows Operating System Basics Software Life Cycle Models Requirements Modeling Software Design Concepts Software Components Quality Management Software Metrics Software Testing Software Management Risk Management Software Reliability Advanced Software Engineering People Management and Team Organization Cost Estimation Project Planning and Control Requirements Engineering Modeling Software Architecture Software Maintenance Software Tools System Programming Basics Machine Structure Machine and Assembly Language Assemblers Macro Processor Loaders Programming Languages Compilers Phases of Compiler Interpreters Data Structures Basics Data Types and Abstraction Algorithm Complexity Arrays and Pointers Linked Lists Stacks and Queues Recursion Trees Graphs String Operations Sorting and Searching Object Oriented Programming Dynamic Programming Computer Architecture Basics Digital Logic Circuits Digital Components Digital Data Representation Microoperations Basic Computer Organization Pipeline and Vector Processing Computer Arithmetic Input Output Organization Memory Organization Multiprocessors 8085 Microprocessor Microcontroller 8051 Microcontroller DBMS Basics Data Models The Entity Relationship Approach Relational Databases Data Storage and Querying Relational Algebra Normalization Storage and File Structures Indexing and Hashing Transactions Concurrency Control Recovery System Distributed Databases SQL Data Warehousing and Data Mining RDBMS Advanced SQL SQL Queries,Constraints and Triggers Basics of Computer Graphics Geometric Transformations Two Dimensional Viewing Three Dimensional Viewing Surface Rendering Methods Graphical User Interfaces Computer Animation Interactive Input Methods Human Computer Interaction Introduction to AI Intelligent Agents Problem Solving Game Planning Knowledge and Reasoning Uncertain Knowledge Learning Perceiving and Acting Natural Language Processing LISP Programming Expert Systems Web Appplications Basics HTML and CSS XML AJAX Javascript ASP NET Internet and Protocols Common Gateway Interface HTTP Java Server Pages Semantic Web VB NET Fundamental Concepts and Models Cloud Enabling Technology Cloud Computing Basics Proposition of Cloud Cloud Architecture Services and Applications Basics Abstraction and Virtualization Capacity Planning Platform as a Service Cloud Management and Security Service Oriented Architecture Cloud Based Storage Cloud Communication Mobile Cloud Cloud Infrastructure Mechanisms Specialized Cloud Mechanisms Cloud Security Mechanisms Advanced Cloud Architectures Specialized Cloud Architectures Cloud Delivery Model Considerations Cost Metrics and Pricing Models Service Quality Metrics and SLAs Microprocessor Basics Microprocessor Components 8086 Instruction Set DMA 80286 80287 Microprocessor Microprocessor Architecture Pentium 4 processor RISC Architecture Microcontroller 8051 Intel 8085 Microprocessor Special Architectural Features and Programming Peripherals and Interfacing with 8086 Multimicroprocessor Systems 80386 and 80486 Microprocessor Recent Advancements in Microprocessor Architecture Basic Computer Knowledge Basics of IT Generations of Computer Basic Organization of Computer Processor and Memory Secondary Storage Devices Input Output Devices Computer Software Computer Languages Multimedia Application Software Packages Classification of Computers Information Systems Computer Security Introduction to Programming Languages Number System Hardware Basics MotherBoard BIOS Memory Microprocessor System Bus Ports Peripheral Devices Introduction to Compilers Finite Automata and Regular Expression Context Free Grammar and Syntax Analysis Topdown Parsing Bottom Up Parsing Syntax Directed Definition and Translations Symbol Table Storage Management Error Handling Code Optimization Code Generation Basics of Artificial Neural Networks Learning Concepts of Neural Networks Activation and Synaptic Dynamics Feedforward Neural Networks Feedback Neural Networks Competitive Learning Neural Networks Applications of Artificial Neural Networks Basics of Automata Theory Finite Automata DFA Minimization Context Free Grammars Regular Expressions Regular Languages Push Down Automata Context Free Languages Introduction to Turing Machines Undecidability and Intractable Problems C Programming Fundamentals Data Types,Operators and Expressions in C Control Flow Statements in C Functions Pointers and Arrays in C Structures and Unions Input and Output in C Library Functions Strings File Handling in C Macro and Preprocessor Basics of C++ Programming Data Types in C++ Pointers,Arrays and Structures in C++ Functions in C++ Namespaces and Exceptions in C++ Classes and Operator Overloading in C++ Derived Classes,Templates and Exception Handling in C++ Class Hierarchies,Library and Containers Objects and Iterators in C++ Strings,Streams and Numerics in C++ Overview of Management Information Systems Organisational Systems Information Systems and Organisations Computers and Information Systems Database Technology Decision Support Systems Expert Systems System Analysis and Design MS Word MS Powerpoint MS Excel MS Access Shortcut Keys Systems Analysis and Design Methods Basics Modeling System Requirements Data Modeling and Analysis Feasibility Analysis Systems Design and Modeling Design and Prototyping Modeling Using the UML Systems Construction and Implementation Systems Operations and Support Basics of C# Programming Data Types,Variables and Operators Control Instructions Classes and Objects Arrays and Strings Interfaces,Inheritance and Polymorphism Functions and Subroutines Indexers and Exception Handling Console IO and Stream Classes Delegates and Generics LINQ Collection Classes and Mathematical Functions Namespaces and Preprocessors Miscellaneous Topics Basics of JavaScript Arrays and Functions Classes and Modules Server Side and Client Side Scripting Document Object Model and Event Handling Graphics and Rendering Performance Measures in JavaScript Socket Programming with JavaScript Parsing, Benchmarking and Logging Invocation and Performance Caching and Debugging JavaScript Animation Cryptography Basics Encryption Techniques Data Encryption Standard Number Theory and Finite Fields Advanced Encryption Algorithm Pseudorandom Number Generation and Stream Ciphers Public Key Cryptography and RSA Cryptographic Hash Functions Message Authentication Codes and Key Management Network Security Concepts Security in the Internet Wireless Network Security Basics of Digital Image Processing Digital Image Fundamentals Intensity Transformations and Spatial Filtering Filtering in Frequency Domain Image Compression Image Restoration and Reconstruction Color Image Processing Image Segmentation Morphological Image Processing Wavelet and Multiresolution Processing Image Enhancement Introduction to UNIX Unix File System Vi Editor Unix Shell Jobs and Processes Filters and Regular Expressions Shell Programming Basic System Administration Digital Logic Design Basics Algorithmic State Machine Asynchronous Sequential Logic Synchronous Sequential Logic Binary Systems Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates Combinational Logics Digital Integrated Circuits MSI and PLD Components Registers and Memory Units Simplification of Boolean Functions DLD Lab Equipment and Experiments HTML Fundamentals HTML Fonts,Tags and Elements HTML and XHTML HTML Images and Web Page Files Javascript and Jquery Basics HTML Tables,Links and Lists HTML Input Types,Graphics and Media HTML5 Advance HTML OOPs Concept and Features Objects and Classes in OOPs Constructors and Destructors Access Specifiers Class Members Member Functions Inheritance and its Types Exception Handling Objects and Pointers Memory Allocation and Variable Scope Overloading Inbuilt Classes Basics of PHP Arrays and Functions in PHP Object Oriented PHP Error and Exception Handling in PHP Strings and Regular Expressions PHP Filesystem Session Handling in PHP Objects and Databases in PHP Object Tools and Variables Constants and Operators in PHP PHP Controls Structures Functions in PHP Software Design Patterns Requirement Specification and Planning Unified Modelling Language UML Diagrams Visibility,Accessibility and Information Hiding Architectural Patterns and Styles Unit Operations Component Based Systems Embedded Systems Basics Embedded Processors Memory Techonology of Embedded Systems Basic Peripherals Interrupts and Exceptions Real time Operating systems Embedded Operating System Implementing Embedded Systems Specification and Validation Language Fundamentals Data Types,Variables and Arrays Operators and Control Statements Classes and Methods Inheritance String Handling java lang and java io Serialization and Networking java util Exception Handling in Java Multithreading IO and Applets Event Handling Interfaces and Packages Session Management,JSP and Servlet Miscellaneous Topics in Java Variables,Operators and Data Types Formatting and Decorators Loops in Python Strings in Python Lists in Python Tuples and Sets Dictionary and Built in Functions Mapping Functions and Modules Regular Expressions and Files Classes,Objects and OOPS concepts Miscellaneous topics in Python Digital Communication Basics Signals and Spectra Signal Formatting and Baseband Modulation Baseband Demodulation and Detection Channel Coding Modulation and Coding Trade off Multiplexing and Multiple Access Spread Spectrum Techniques Introduction to Spring AspectJ and Scripting in Spring Spring Security Spring MVC and Spring REST Grails and Spring Testing Data Access and Web Services Messaging and Spring Batch Spring and Advanced Java CSS Fundamentals and Styling CSS Text,Borders and Images CSS Selectors and Files CSS Properties and Elements CSS3 Fundamentals,Transitions and Animations Tables and Forms Layout and Images Logics and Proofs Sets and Functions Sequences,Sums and Matrices Algorithms Number Theory and Cryptography Induction and Recursion Counting Theory Discrete Probability Relations Graphs and Graphs Properties Tree Properties Boolean Algebra and Modeling Computations Group Theory Ethical Hacking and Security Ethics Cyber Attacks and Security Elements Cyber Laws and Security Tools Network Models and Security Phases of Security Cyber Security Types Understanding Attack Vectors Cryptography in Security Privacy and Deep Web Basics of Hadoop MapReduce Basics Hadoop Distributed File System Hadoop IO MapReduce Development and Features Introduction to Pig Hive and HBase ZooKeeper,Sqoop and Cassandra Hadoop Incubators and Hadoop Development Tools Hadoop Frameworks Hadoop Libraries and Utilities IoT Ecosystem and Architecture IoT Hardware Software Programming and IoT Sensors IoT Networking Protocols Cloud Based IoT Analytics IoT Devices Designing for IoT MongoDB Basic Concepts MongoDB Enterprise and Packages MongoDB CRUD Operations Data Modeling in MongoDB MongoDb Datatypes MongoDb Administration Concepts Optimization Strategies for MongoDB Security Concepts in MongoDB Aggregation Concepts and Aggregation Mechanics Indexes In MongoDB Replication in MongoDB Sharding Concepts and Sharded Cluster MySQL Basics Managing Data using SQL MySQL Data Types and Operators Stored Programs Query Optimization MySQL Programming MySQL Administration Access Control and Security Database Maintenance and Backup System and User Variables MySQL Clauses Miscellaneous Topics in MySQL SQL Server Basics Data Modification and Constraints Beyond Relational Data Definition Language Development with SQL Server Data Connectivity Enterprise Data Management Data Security Monitoring and Auditing Performance Tuning and Optimization Business Intelligence and Reporting Services Introduction to Wireless Communication Systems Modern Wireless Communication Systems Cellular Communication Concepts Mobile Radio Propagation Small Scale Fading and Multipath Modulation Techniques for Mobile Radio Equalization,Diversity and Channel Coding Speech Coding Multiple Access Techniques Wireless Systems and Standards Wireless Networking Satellite Systems and Recent Advances 4G Networks 2G GSM Networks 3G UMTS Networks Voice Over WiFi Architecture Data Science Basics Data Analysis with Python Data Manipulation Data Analysis and Research Statistical Inference and Regression Models Machine Learning Developing Data Products MATLAB Basics Interacting with MATLAB Mathematical Functions and Expressions MATLAB Graphics MATLAB Programming Simulink and GUIs Advanced Software Development Syntax Error and Spelling Error Control System Applications Digital Signal Processing History and Overview of R Programming Language Basics of R Programming Language Data Types and Dataset Reading Formats,Objects and Operations Control Structures and Functions Scoping Rules and Debugging Profiling,Simulation and Data Analysis Commands and Packages Visualizing Data and Linear Regression Distributions and Graphics in R programming Introduction to Visual Basic ToolBox Window User Interface Application Development and Testing Variables and Constants Selection Structures Repetition Structure Arrays and String Manipulation Working with Classes