1. The component of interactive computer graphics are
a. A light pen
b. Display unit
c. Bank of switches
d. All of these
Answer: (d).All of these

2. Pen or inkjet plotters use the following devices
a. Drum
b. Flat bed
c. Both a & b
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Both a & b

3. __________ allows screen positions to be selected with the touch of a finger.
a. Touch panels
b. Image scanner
c. Light pen
d. Mouse
Answer: (a).Touch panels

4. What is the disadvantage of the light pen?
a. It’s shape
b. They cannot detect positions
c. Accurate reading
d. Cannot detect positions within black areas
Answer: (d).Cannot detect positions within black areas

5. ________ is used in graphics workstation as input devices to accept voice commands.
a. Touch panels
b. Speech recognizers
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above
Answer: (b).Speech recognizers

6. When a voice command is given, the system searches the _____________for a frequency-pattern match.
a. Memory
b. Input data
c. Dictionary
d. Hard disk
Answer: (c).Dictionary

7. The device which is designed to minimize the background sound is
a. Microphone
b. Digitizers
c. Data glove
d. Joy stick
Answer: (a).Microphone

8. Which of the following device is not the input device?
a. Trackball and space ball
b. Data glove
c. Touch screen
d. Impact printers
Answer: (d).Impact printers

9. Which device contains thumbwheel, trackball and a standard mouse ball?
a. Z mouse
b. Joystick
c. Mouse
d. Trackball
Answer: (a).Z mouse

10. Virtual reality, CAD, and animations are the application of
a. Z mouse
b. Digitizers
c. Data tablets
d. Image scanners
Answer: (a).Z mouse

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