1. Which system variable when set to 1, makes all temporary tables to get stored on disk rather than in memory?
a. basedir
b. back_log
c. big_tables
d. bind_address
Answer: (c).big_tables

2. The permitted value type for the variable ‘character_set_client’ is _____________
a. integer
b. float
c. double
d. string
Answer: (d).string

3. ‘character_set_database’ represents the character set used by the default database.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can't say
Answer: (a).True

4. Which string function returns the index of the first occurrence of substring?
b. INSTR()
Answer: (b).INSTR()

5. Which module links DBI to the web?
b. CGI.pem
d. CGI.po
Answer: (c)

6. What does CGI stand for?
a. Computer Gateway Interface
b. Common Gateway Interface
c. Computer Generated Interface
d. Common Generated Interface
Answer: (b).Common Gateway Interface

7. The line that is written at the top of the script to write a Perl script using is ___________
a. use this CGI
b. put CGI
c. use CGI
d. include CGI
Answer: (c).use CGI

8. What is the shebang line?
a. #!
b. !#
c. #$
d. $#
Answer: (a).#!

9. Which of these is a read only variable?
a. error_count
b. big_tables
c. autocommit
d. foreign_key_checks
Answer: (a).error_count

10. Which variable when set to 1 would enable foreign key checking for InnoDB tables?
a. error_count
b. identity
c. foreign_key_checks
d. autocommit
Answer: (c).foreign_key_checks

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