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A characteristic of a software system that can lead to a system error is known as?
Answer: (b).System fault
An erroneous system state that can lead to system behavior that is unexpected by system users is known as?
Answer: (c).System error
An event that occurs at some point in time when the system does not deliver a service as expected by its users is called _____________.
Answer: (d).System failure
A chemical plant system may detect excessive pressure and open a relief valve to reduce these pressures before an explosion occurs. What kind of dependability and security issue the example states?
Answer: (d).Hazard detection and removal
An aircraft engine normally includes automatic fire extinguishers.What kind of dependability and security issue the example states?
Answer: (c).Hazard detection
An assessment of the worst possible damage that could result from a particular hazard is known as
Answer: (c).Hazard severity
which of the following terms is a measure of the probability that the system will cause an accident?
Answer: (a).Risk
A weakness in a computer-based system that may be exploited to cause loss or harm is known as?
Answer: (a).Vulnerability
A password checking system that disallows user passwords that are proper names or words that are normally included in a dictionary is an example of ___________ with respect to security systems.
Answer: (b).control
How many stages are there in Risk-driven requirements specification?
Answer: (b).four
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