1. In which year the term hacking was coined?
a. 1965-67
b. 1955-60
c. 1970-80
d. 1980-82
Answer: (b).1955-60

2. In which year, first practical technology hacking came into origin?
a. 1878
b. 1890
c. 1895
d. 1876
Answer: (a).1878

3. In which year, hacking became a practical crime and a matter of concern in the field of technology?
a. 1971
b. 1973
c. 1970
d. 1974
Answer: (c).1970

4. Who was the first individual who performed a major hacking in the year 1971?
a. Steve Wozniak
b. Steve Jobs
c. Kevin Mitnick
d. John Draper
Answer: (d).John Draper

5. Name the hacker who breaks the ARPANET systems?
a. Jon von Neumann
b. Kevin Poulsen
c. Kevin Mitnick
d. John Draper
Answer: (b).Kevin Poulsen

6. Who coined the term “cyberspace”?
a. Andrew Tannenbaum
b. Scott Fahlman
c. William Gibson
d. Richard Stallman
Answer: (c).William Gibson

7. In which year computer scientists try to integrate encryption techniques in TCP/IP protocol?
a. 1978
b. 1980
c. 1982
d. 1984
Answer: (a).1978

8. In which year the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act was adopted in the United States?
a. 1983
b. 1984
c. 1987
d. 1988
Answer: (b).1984

9. Who was the first individual to distribute computer worms through internet?
a. Vladimir Levin
b. Bill Landreth
c. Richard Stallman
d. Robert T. Morris
Answer: (d).Robert T. Morris

10. _____ is a powerful encryption tool released by Philip Zimmerman in the year 1991.
a. PGP (Protected Good Privacy)
b. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
c. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
d. DES (Data Encryption Standard)
Answer: (c).PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

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