1. A proxy firewall filters at the
a. Physical layer
b. Application layer
c. Data link layer
d. Network layer
Answer: (b).Application layer

2. A packet.filter firewall filters at the
a. Application or transport
b. Data link layer
c. Physical Layer
d. Network or transport layer
Answer: (d).Network or transport layer

3. The AH Protocol provides source authentication and data integrity, but not
a. Integrity
b. Privacy
c. Nonrepudiation
d. Both a and c
Answer: (b).Privacy

4. The SSL divides the data into blocks of
a. 2*6
b. 2*14
c. 2*20
d. 2*24
Answer: (b).2*14

5. The ESP provides
a. Source authentication
b. Data integrity
c. Privacy
d. All of them
Answer: (d).All of them

6. One of the protocols to provide security at the application layer is
a. Pretty Good Privacy
b. Handshake Protocol
c. Alert Protocol
d. Record Protocol
Answer: (a).Pretty Good Privacy

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