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Which one is a collection of templates and rules ?
Answer: (d).XSL
Match the following with respect to HTML tags and usage.

a. CITE                     1. Italic  representation
b. EM                       2. Represents output from programmes
c. VAR                     3. Represents to other source
d. SAMP                  4. Argument to a programme
Codes :
a b c d
Answer: (a).3 1 4 2
Which is the protocol for performing RPCs between applications In a language and system independent way?
Answer: (c).Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
The document that is used by XSLT to indicate, how to transform the elements of the XML document to another format is
Answer: (c).Style sheet
Answer: (c).allows to set breakpoints, execute a segment of program and display contents of register
The behavior of the document elements in XML can be defined by
Answer: (d).All of the above
Which method is called first by an applet program?
Answer: (c).init()
In Java, when we implement an interface method, it must be declared as :
Answer: (c).Public
The Servlet Response interface enables a servlet to formulate a response for a client using the method ___________.
Answer: (d).void set ContextType(String type)
Answer: (d).Applets are embedded in another applications
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