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Which file contains settings for all .NET application types, such as Windows, Console, ClassLibrary, and Web applications?
Answer: (b).Machine.config
Which programming model should you implement if you want to separate your server-side code from your client-side layout code in a Web page?
Answer: (b).Code-behind model
You want to make a configuration setting change that will affect only the current Web application. Which file will you change?
Answer: (b).Web.config in the root of the Web application
Match the following List 1 with List 2:

a. Control ------------------ i. Controls the output caching policies of a page or user control.
b. MasterType ------------ ii. Page directive uses with user controls.
c. PreviousPageType ---- iii. Enables an ASP.NET page to work with a postback from another page in the application.
d. OutputCache ----------- iv. Associates a class name to a page to get references or members contained within the specified master page.
Answer: (d).a-ii, b-iv, c-iii, d-i
Which of the following is not an ASP.NET page event?
Answer: (c).Import
To implement a specified .NET Framework interface which directive is used?
Answer: (d).@Implements
In ASP.NET application DLL files are stored in which folder?
Answer: (c).Bin
Match the following List 1 to List 2

a. App_Code ------------------------ i. Assembly Resource Files (.resx)
b. App_Data ------------------------ ii. .skin file, CSS files
c. App_Themes -------------------- iii. .mdf file, .mdb file
d. App_GlobalResources --------- iv. .wsdl files, typed datasets
Answer: (a).a-iv, b-iii, c-ii, d-i
To create your application on a remote server which option you will choose in ASP.NET?
Answer: (b).FTP
Match the following List 1 to List 2

a. Web Form -------------------------- i. .ascx
b. Web User Control ---------------- ii. .asmx
c. Web Service ---------------------- iii. .aspx
Answer: (a).a-iii, b-i, c-ii
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