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What is the memory from 1K - 640K called ?
Answer: (d).Conventional Memory
Answer: (b).order in which disk access requests must be serviced
File management function of the operating system includes

i) File creation and deletion ii) Disk scheduling
iii) Directory creation iv) Mapping file in secondary storage
Answer: (b).i, iii and iv only
Answer: (c).both real time & non-real time clients
The major difference between a multimedia file and a regular file is :
Answer: (d).the rate at which the file must be accessed
Video is represented as a series of images formally known as :
Answer: (c).frames
Answer: (b).the smoother the video appears
The characteristic of the eye to retain the image for a short time after it has been presented is known as :
Answer: (a).persistence of vision
Answer: (a).the multi media data are delivered from a local file system
Multimedia files stored on a remote server are delivered to a client across the network using a technique known as :
Answer: (b).streaming
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