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The last digit of the number ((\(\sqrt{51}\) + 1)51 – \(\sqrt{51}\) – 1)51 is _______
Answer: (b).8
How many even 4 digit whole numbers are there?
Answer: (c).4500
In a multiple-choice question paper of 15 questions, the answers can be A, B, C or D. The number of different ways of answering the question paper are ________
Answer: (a).65536 x 4⁷
How many words with seven letters are there that start with a vowel and end with an A? Note that they don’t have to be real words and letters can be repeated.
Answer: (d).59406880
Neela has twelve different skirts, ten different tops, eight different pairs of shoes, three different necklaces and five different bracelets. In how many ways can Neela dress up?
Answer: (b).14400
How many five-digit numbers can be made from the digits 1 to 7 if repetition is allowed?
Answer: (a).16807
For her English literature course, Ruchika has to choose one novel to study from a list of ten, one poem from a list of fifteen and one short story from a list of seven. How many different choices does Rachel have?
Answer: (d).10500
There are two different Geography books, five different Natural Sciences books, three different History books and four different Mathematics books on a shelf. In how many different ways can they be arranged if all the books of the same subjects stand together?
Answer: (c).829440
The code for a safe is of the form PPPQQQQ where P is any number from 0 to 9 and Q represents the letters of the alphabet. How many codes are possible for each of the following cases? Note that the digits and letters of the alphabet can be repeated.
Answer: (d).456976000
Amit must choose a seven-digit PIN number and each digit can be chosen from 0 to 9. How many different possible PIN numbers can Amit choose?
Answer: (a).10000000
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