1. Which type of database management system is MySQL?What is data in a MySQL database organized into?
a. Object-orientedObjects
b. HierarchicalTables
c. RelationalNetworks
d. NetworkFile systems
Answer: RelationalTables

2. Which type of database management system is MySQL?
a. Object-oriented
b. Hierarchical
c. Relational
d. Network
Answer: (c).Relational

3. What represents an ‘attribute’ in a relational database?
a. TrueTable
b. FalseRow
c. May be True or FalseColumn
d. Can't sayObject
Answer: TrueColumn

4. What represents a ‘tuple’ in a relational database?
a. Table
b. Row
c. Column
d. Object
Answer: (b).Row

5. How is communication established with MySQL?
a. SQL
b. Network calls
c. A programming language like C++
d. APIs
Answer: (a).SQL

6. What does ‘name’ represent in the following SQL code snippet?
   CREATE TABLE student
       name CHAR(30),
       roll_num INT,
       address CHAR(30),
       phone CHAR(12)
a. A table
b. A row
c. A column
d. An object
Answer: (c).A column

7. Which is the MySQL instance responsible for data processing?
a. MySQL client
b. MySQL server
c. SQL
d. Server daemon program
Answer: (b).MySQL server

8. The MySQL server used in its client/server architecture is _______________
a. mysqla
b. mysqlb
c. mysqlc
d. mysqld
Answer: (d).mysqld

9. In MySQL databases, the structure representing the organizational views of the entire databases is ____________
a. Schema
b. View
c. Instance
d. Table
Answer: (a).Schema

10. Which of the following clauses is used to display information that match a given pattern?
c. IS
Answer: (a).LIKE

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