1. Which one is the basic input device in GUI
a. Mouse
b. Graphics tablet
c. Voice system
d. Touch panel
Answer: (a).Mouse

2. GUI means
a. Graphical user interface
b. Graphical user interaction
c. Graphics uniform interaction
d. None of the above
Answer: (a).Graphical user interface

3. Plasma panel are also called
a. Liquid crystal display
b. Gas discharge display
c. Non emissive display
d. emissive display
Answer: (b).Gas discharge display

4. Plasma panel have_________ resolution.
a. High
b. Good
c. Both a & b
d. Low
Answer: (c).Both a & b

5. Plasma device converts
a. Electrical energy into light
b. Light into electrical energy
c. Light into graphical energy
d. None of these
Answer: (a).Electrical energy into light

6. GUI stands for
a. Graphics user interaction
b. Graphical user interface
c. Graphics usual interface
d. None of these
Answer: (b).Graphical user interface

7. The visual language includes ___________ for representing visual sentences.
a. Visual language
b. Icons
c. Both a & b
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Both a & b

8. First graphical user interface used commercially was introduced in
a. 1970
b. 1975
c. 1978
d. 1980
Answer: (b).1975

9. What is/are the main component / components of user interface ?
a. Presentation language
b. Action language
c. Both a and b
d. Only a
Answer: (c).Both a and b

10. Which type of user interface provide input by typing a string in the keyboard ?
a. Graphical user interface
b. Command line user interface
c. Natural language interface
d. Menu interface
Answer: (b).Command line user interface

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