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Answer: (b).both (a) and (c)
Answer: (c).the use of black background on a screen form
Which kind of menu is designed primarily for expert users because there is no visual clue to its presence?
Answer: (b).pop-up
Which of the following instruction-driven interfaces allows a customer to enter a question about a given product?
Answer: (c).natural language
Answer: (d).All of the above
In which of the following user interface steps do the designers use a state transition diagram to show the sequence and variations of screens that can occur when the system user sits at the terminal?
Answer: (d).chart the dialogue
Answer: (d).both (a) and (b)
Answer: (a).use abbreviations so that users can read them more quickly
Which of the following instruction-driven interfaces is built around a widely accepted command language that can be used by the user to invoke actions?
Answer: (c).a language-based syntax
Which of the following is the first step in user interface design process?
Answer: (b).chart the dialogue
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