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Which design identifies the software as a system with many components interacting with each other?
Answer: (a).Architectural design
Answer: (a).Computer Aided Software Engineering
Answer: (c).Facilitated Application Specification Technique.
Answer: (b).Computer Aided Software Engineering
What is described by means of DFDs as studied earlier and represented in algebraic form?
Answer: (a).Data flow
 An entity in ER Model is a real world being, which has some properties called_____ .
Answer: (a).Attributes
The maximum number of objects that can participate in a relationship is called________ .
Answer: (a).Cardinality
If an application allows executing multiple instances of itself, they appear on the screen as separate windows are called ______ .
Answer: (b).Tabs
Answer: (b).Communication, Planning, Modeling, construction, deployment
Boehm suggests an approach that addresses project objectives, milestones and schedules, responsibilities, management and technical approaches and required resources, This principle is called as ______ .
Answer: (c).W5HH principle
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