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Answer: (b).Associate multiple print devices with one printer
In heavily overloaded networks, cross¬bar switching offers better performance than cell-backplane switching
Answer: (b).False
You want to connect 2 networks that are both lOBaseT Ethernet networks. The 2 networks are located in separate buildings so that they are approximately 1,000 meters apart. Which media should you use?
Answer: (c).fiber-optic cable
You install Windows NT Server on a computer, making the computer a backup domain controller in an existing domain. After installation, you discover that you used the wrong domain name. What should you do?
Answer: (c).Reinstall Windows NT Server
In your company, 2 Ethernet Networks are connected with a router. All network connections run TCP/IP. Your new client computer can access only the computers on your side of the router. All other computers are able to access one another. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
Answer: (c).incorrect subnet mask on your client computer
From your client computer, you are able to access several servers on your 10Base2 Ethernet network. However, you are NOT able to access a server names RED. Other client computers are able to access RED. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
Answer: (c).There is a protocol mismatch between your client computer and RED.
Most routers can also act as bridges
Answer: (a).True
Answer: (c).resolves computer names to IP addresses
Answer: (d).Specify the same printer driver and settings for all printers
Answer: (c).Create a global group in BASS called Gbl-Admins that contains the Lisa user account. Add the BASS\Gbl-Admins group to the local Administrators group in TUNA
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