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Which among the following best describes emotional intelligence as a learner characteristic?

(a) Recognise their own and other people’s emotions.
(b) Expressing their emotions strongly
(c) Use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour
(d) Good observation, scientific thinking and deductive reasoning
(e) Adjusting emotions to adapt to environments
(f) Being creative and open to diverse viewpoints
Answer: (c).(a), (c) and (e)
Which among the following can best be used as an asynchronous teaching aid?

(a) Skype (b) Blog
(c) Facebook post (d) Online chat
(e) Email (f) Google Hangout
Answer: (d).(b), (c) and (e)
Answer: (b).Monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback
In a school, in which there are large number of failures, you may like to develop test for eliminating those who are likely to have substantial difficulties in meeting the academic goals of teaching. For this you need to develop test which should be able to predict the individual’s ability or readiness to undertake the study of a school subject successfully. What is the name of such tests?
Answer: (a).Prognostic tests
In teaching learning context, results of an evaluation are useful to teachers in various ways. Which among the following is most important use for a teacher?
Answer: (a).planning instruction and knowing the effectiveness of the teaching strategies used by them
In which of the following arrangements a wider spectrum of ideas and issues may be made possible?
Answer: (d).Conference
On the basis of summative tests, a teacher is interpreting his/her students, performance in terms of their wellness life style evident in behaviour. This will be called:
Answer: (a).Criterion - referenced testing
Which of the following research types focuses on ameliorating the prevailing situations?
Answer: (d).Action Research
From the list given below identify the learner characteristics which would facilitate teaching-learning system to become effective. Choose the correct code to indicate your answer.

(a) Prior experience of learner
(b) Learner's family lineage
(c) Aptitude of the learner
(d) Learner's stage of development
(e) Learner's food habits and hobbies
(f) Learner's religious affiliation
Answer: (b).(a), (c) and (d)
Which one of the following is a key behaviour in effective teaching?
Answer: (d).Instructional variety
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