1. Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network?
a. coaxial cable
b. twisted pair cable
c. optical fiber
d. electrical cable
Answer: (c).optical fiber

2. Bits can be send over guided and unguided media as analog signal by
a. digital modulation
b. amplitude modulation
c. frequency modulation
d. phase modulation
Answer: (a).digital modulation

3. Which data communication method is used to transmit the data over a serial communication link?
a. Simplex
b. Half-duplex
c. Full duplex
d. All of above
Answer: (c).Full duplex

4. The method of communication in which transaction takes place in both directions,but only in one direction at a time, is called ?
a. Simplex
b. Four wire circuit
c. Full duplex
d. Half-duplex
Answer: (d).Half-duplex

5. In communication satellite, multiple repeaters are known as?
a. Detectors
b. Modulators
c. Stations
d. Transponders
Answer: (d).Transponders

6. Loss in signal power as light travels down the fiber is called?
a. Attenuation
b. Propagation
c. Scattering
d. Interruption
Answer: (a).Attenuation

7. Which of the following devices modulates digital signals into analog signals that can be sent over traditional telephone lines?
a. Router
b. Gateway
c. Switch
d. Modem
Answer: (d).Modem

8. Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation?
a. fiber optics
b. switch
c. modulator
d. modem
Answer: (d).modem

9. The process of converting analog signals into digital signals so they can be processed by a receiving computer is referred to as
a. modulation
b. demodulation
c. synchronizing
d. digitising
Answer: (d).digitising

10. Which of the following communication modes support two-way traffic but in only one direction at a time?
a. simplex
b. half duplex
c. three-quarters duplex
d. none of the above
Answer: (b).half duplex

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