1. How many functions are used by PHP to convert between arrays and variables?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
Answer: (b).2

2. Which of them is an abstract data structure (ADT)?
a. Stacks
b. Functions
c. Queues
d. Both a and c
Answer: (d).Both a and c

3. What does explode ( ) function do?
a. Converts a string into integers
b. Converts a string into arrays
c. Finds the length of array
d. Finds the length of string
Answer: (b).Converts a string into arrays

4. Functions that returns a new array without disturbing their old arguments might be called as
a. Destructive function
b. Constructive function
c. Nondestructive function
d. Both a and c
Answer: (d).Both a and c

5. Compact ( ) function is used to create an array from
a. Variables
b. Values
c. Functions
d. Both a and b
Answer: (d).Both a and b

6. For changing arrays into strings, which function is used?
a. exp ( )
b. explode ( )
c. implode ( )
d. imp ( )
Answer: (c).implode ( )

7. Array_flip ( ) function changes keys of an array into
a. Integers
b. Characters
c. Boolean
d. Values
Answer: (d).Values

8. Shuffle ( ) function operates directly on its array arguments and changes it, that's why it is called
a. Constructive Function
b. Destructive function
c. Array changing function
d. None of them
Answer: (b).Destructive function

9. LIFO stands for
a. List of Outputs
b. Last in First Out
c. First in Last Out
d. None of them
Answer: (c).First in Last Out

10. Array_splice function is same as array_slice but it starts taking arguments from
a. First argument
b. Second argument
c. Third argument
d. Fourth argument
Answer: (d).Fourth argument

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