71. Total number of layers in a Internet Protocol Stack are
a. 7
b. 6
c. 5
d. 4
Answer: (c).5

72. Which of the following service do DSL Telcos companies provide?
a. ISP
b. Wired phone access
c. Both a and b
d. None
Answer: (c).Both a and b

73. IP version 6 is _____ bits longer.
a. 32
b. 128
c. 48
d. 22
Answer: (b).128

74. What is the size of the IP version 4?
a. 22 bytes
b. 32 bits
c. 32 bytes
d. 99 bytes
Answer: (b).32 bits

75. This is one of the architecture paradigm
a. Peer to peer
b. Client-server
d. Both a and b
Answer: (d).Both a and b

76. Computer Network is
a. Collection of hardware components and computers
b. Interconnected by communication channels
c. Sharing of resources and information
d. All of the Above
Answer: (d).All of the Above

77. What is a Firewall in Computer Network?
a. The physical boundary of Network
b. An operating System of Computer Network
c. A system designed to prevent unauthorized access
d. A web browsing Software
Answer: (c). A system designed to prevent unauthorized access

78. What is the meaning of Bandwidth in Network?
a. Transmission capacity of a communication channels
b. Connected Computers in the Network
c. Class of IP used in Network
d. None of Above
Answer: (a).Transmission capacity of a communication channels

79. ADSL is the abbreviation of
a. Asymmetric Dual Subscriber Line
b. Asymmetric Digital System Line
c. Asymmetric Dual System Line
d. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Answer: (d).Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

80. The Internet is an example of
a. Cell switched network
b. circuit switched network
c. Packet switched network
d. All of above
Answer: (c).Packet switched network