51. When did IBM released the first version of its disk operating system DOS version 1.0 ?
a. 1981
b. 1982
c. 1983
d. 1984
Answer: (a).1981

52. Which is not a function of Kernel ?
a. Process management
b. Memory management
c. File system management
d. All of Above
Answer: (d).All of Above

53. In real time OS, which is most suitable scheduling scheme
a. round robin
c. pre-emptive scheduling
d. random scheduling
Answer: (c).pre-emptive scheduling

54. For multiprogramming operating system
a. special support from processor is essential
b. special support from processor is not essential
c. cache memory is essential
d. none of above
Answer: (b).special support from processor is not essential

55. Which is single user operating system
Answer: (a).MS-DOS

56. Which operating system reacts in the actual time
a. Batch system
b. Quick response system
c. Real time system
d. Time sharing system
Answer: (c).Real time system

57. Macintosh computer uses
a. System 7.0
b. AU/X
c. Xenix
d. none of above
Answer: (b).AU/X

58. Which technique is used by operating systems to execute several programs concurrently by switching back and forth
a. Partitioning
b. Multitasking
c. Windowing
d. Paging
Answer: (c).Windowing

59. Multiprogramming systems
a. Are easier to develop than single programming systems
b. Execute each job faster
c. Execute more jobs in the same time
d. Are used only on large main frame computers
Answer: (c).Execute more jobs in the same time

60. Operating system is
a. A collection of hardware components
b. A collection of input output devices
c. A collection of software routines
d. All of above
Answer: (c).A collection of software routines

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