31. Software is a program that directs the overall operation of the computer, facilitates its use and interacts with the user. What are the different types of this software ?
a. Operating system
b. Language Compiler
c. Utilities
d. All of the above
Answer: (d).All of the above

32. A __________ is a software that manages the time of a microprocessor to ensure that all time critical events are processed as efficiently as possible. This software allows the system activities to be divided into multiple independent elements called tasks.
a. Kernel
b. Shell
c. Processor
d. Device Driver
Answer: (a).Kernel

33. The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to ________.
a. Command Resources
b. Manage Resources
c. Provide Utilities
d. Be user friendly
Answer: (b).Manage Resources

34. Who is called a supervisor of computer activity ?
a. CPU
b. Operating system
c. Control unit
d. Application Program
Answer: (b).Operating system

35. Routine is not loaded until it is called. All routines are kept on disk in a relocatable load format. The main program is loaded into memory & is executed. This type of loading is called _________ .
a. Static loading
b. Dynamic loading
c. Dynamic linking
d. Overlays
Answer: (c).Dynamic linking

36. The kernel of the operating system remains in the primary memory because ________.
a. It is mostly called (used)
b. It manages all interrupt calls
c. It controls all operations in process
d. It is low level
Answer: (a). It is mostly called (used)

37. Multi-programming systems ________.
a. Are easier to develop than single programming systems
b. Execute each job faster
c. Execute more jobs in the same time
d. Are used only on large main frame computers
Answer: (c).Execute more jobs in the same time

38. Multiprocessing ________.
a. Make the operating system simpler
b. Allows multiple processes to run simultaneously
c. Is completely understood by all major computer vendors
d. Allows the same computer to have the multiple processors
Answer: (d).Allows the same computer to have the multiple processors

39. What is the first step in performing an operating system upgrade ?
a. Partition the drive
b. Format the drive
c. Backup critical data
d. Backup old operating system
Answer: (c).Backup critical data

40. The technique, for sharing the time of a computer among several jobs, which switches jobs so rapidly such that each job appears to have the computer to itself, is called ________.
a. Time Sharing
b. Time out
c. Time domain
d. Multitasking
Answer: (a).Time Sharing

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