561. Computer document which act as a contract between the developer and the customer is
a. SDD
b. DFD
c. SRS
d. DOS
Answer: (c).SRS

562. One component which contains nearly all GUI programs will have
a. frame
b. mouse
c. monitor
d. button
Answer: (a).frame

563. Requested files used by web are stored in memory
a. ROM
b. RAM
c. cache
Answer: (c).cache

564. A GUI is a
a. hardware
b. language interpreter
c. software interface
d. operating system
Answer: (c).software interface

565. Function which is used to read strings is
a. getch()
b. getc()
c. getstr()
d. gets()
Answer: (d).gets()

566. Tag which is used for adding comments is
a. ! - -
b. //
c. - - !
d. * *
Answer: (b).//

567. Highest layer of network abstraction contains
a. gateway
b. repeater
c. router
d. bridge
Answer: (a).gateway

568. Process in which a program is written to respond to the button clicks, menu selections, and other actions of user in whatever order is termed as
a. event-driven programming
b. action-driven programming
c. user-driven programming
d. mouse-driven programming
Answer: (a).event-driven programming

569. Three software parts of a GUI program are
a. window, button, mice
b. GUI components, graphics, codes
c. GUI components, event listeners, application code
d. frames, code, event
Answer: (c).GUI components, event listeners, application code