41. A critical region
a. is a piece of code which only one process executes at a time
b. is a region prone to deadlock
c. is a piece of code which only a finite number of processes execute
d. is found only in Windows NT operation system
Answer: (a).is a piece of code which only one process executes at a time

42. Which is not an Operating System ?
a. Windows 95
b. Windows 2000
d. Firefox
Answer: (d).Firefox

43. It is not the layer of the Operating system.
a. Kernel
b. Shell
c. Application program
d. Critcal Section
Answer: (d).Critcal Section

44. What is the name of the software which can be legally compiled and often used for free?
a. Shareware program
b. Public domain program
c. Firmware program
d. Mind Ware
Answer: (b).Public domain program

45. The higher versions of operating systems are so written that programs designed for earlier versions can still be run. What is it called ?
a. Up gradiability
b. Upward mobility
c. Universality
d. Upward Compatibility
Answer: (d).Upward Compatibility

46. What is the name of the software which deals with the running of the actual computer and not with the programming problems?
a. Operating system
b. System program
c. Object program
d. Source program
Answer: (b).System program

47. Supervisor state is only allowed to ?
a. Utility Softwares
b. Application Softwares
c. Operating System
d. Guest User
Answer: (c).Operating System

48. Which of the following is always there in a computer ?
a. Batch system
b. Operating system
c. Time sharing system
d. Controlling system
Answer: (b).Operating system

49. Relocation bits used by relocating loader are specified by
a. Relocating loader
b. Assembler
c. Translator
d. Linker
Answer: (d).Linker

50. In which of the following usually a front end processor is used ?
a. Virtual storage
b. Timesharing
c. Multiprogamming
d. Multithreading
Answer: (b).Timesharing

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