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The first batch operating system was developed in the ................. by General Motors for use on an
IBM 701.
Answer: (b).mid 1950's
................... is a facility that allows programmers to address memory from a logical point of view, without regard to the main memory, physically available.
Answer: (c).Virtual memory
............ is a large kernel, including scheduling file system, networking, device drivers, memory management and more.
Answer: (a).Monolithic kernel
A .................... architecture assigns only a few essential functions to the kernel, including address
spaces, Inter process communication (IPC) and basic scheduling.
Answer: (b).Micro kernel
With ................ only one process can execute at a time; meanwhile all other process are waiting
for the processer. With .............. more than one process can be running simultaneously each on a
different processer.
Answer: (c).Multiprogramming, Multiprocessing
Answer: (a).Multiprogramming and Distributed processing
Process Management function of an operating system kernel includes
Answer: (d).All of the above
............ is a special type of programming language used to provide instructions to the monitor simple batch processing schema.
Answer: (a).Job control language (JCL)
……………….. is a example of an operating system that support single user process and single thread.
Answer: (b).MS-DOS
Which of the following are the functions of operating system?

i) recovering from errors ii) facilitating input/output
iii) facilitating parallel operation iv) sharing hardware among users
v) implementing user interface
Answer: (d).All i, ii, iii, iv and v

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