UNIX Multiple Choice Questions

Welcome to the powerful and versatile world of UNIX, the operating system that laid the foundation for modern computing. In this category, we present an extensive set of MCQs that explore the principles, commands, and functionalities of UNIX and its various flavors.


Discover the philosophy and design principles behind UNIX, understanding its modular and scalable architecture. Dive into the UNIX shell and command-line interface (CLI), mastering the art of navigating the file system, managing processes, and executing powerful shell scripts. Explore the wonders of file and directory permissions, essential for ensuring data security and access control. Gain insights into system administration tasks, such as user management, disk management, and system backups, that keep UNIX-based systems running smoothly.

Venture into the world of networking and communication in UNIX, understanding how TCP/IP protocols facilitate data exchange over networks. Delve into the rich ecosystem of UNIX utilities and software, enabling you to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently.

Whether you're a Linux enthusiast seeking to harness the power of the command line or a system administrator managing UNIX-based servers, our meticulously crafted MCQs will deepen your knowledge of UNIX, empowering you to unlock the full potential of this iconic operating system.