61. In operating system, a software may triggers an interrupt executing a special operation it is called as?
a. System Call
b. Application Call
c. software Call
d. kernel call
Answer: (a).System Call

62. Workstation or server users uses what kind of resources?
a. dedicated resources
b. shared resources
c. hardware resources
d. software resources
Answer: (a).dedicated resources

63. Memories that lose their contents when power of the computer system is turned off is called
a. non volatile
b. volatile
c. reserved
d. large
Answer: (b).volatile

64. The central processing unit of the computer system is never idle as long as it executes
a. 1 job
b. 2 jobs
c. 3 jobs
d. 4 jobs
Answer: (a).1 job

65. All components of computer system are connected through
a. cache
b. registers
c. path
d. bus
Answer: (d).bus

66. Operating systems that can be modified and distributed are called
a. close source
b. open source
c. free
d. both a and b
Answer: (b).open source

67. Saving the data and making its copy for the future use is called
a. back up
b. copying
c. pasting
d. removing
Answer: (a).back up

68. Symmetric multiprocessing in the computer system does not use
a. master relationship
b. slave relationship
c. master slave relationship
d. serial processing
Answer: (c).master slave relationship

69. System containing only one processor is called
a. multiprocessor
b. single processor
c. dual processor
d. specific processor
Answer: (b).single processor

70. The ability of an operating system is
a. multiprocessor
b. multiprogramming
c. clustering
d. both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b