71. ISR is the interrupt program that stands for?
a. interrupt software routine
b. internally service routine
c. internal service routine
d. interrupt service routine
Answer: (d).interrupt service routine

72. One that is not a part of a computer system is
a. hardware
b. operating system
c. users
d. vendors
Answer: (d).vendors

73. Along with kernel, operating system also contains
a. system application
b. software application
c. hardware resources
d. both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b

74. Job pool is the program of the operating system that is located in
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. hard disk
d. CD
Answer: (c).hard disk

75. One nibble is the collection of
a. 2 components
b. 4-bits
c. 7-bits
d. 8-bits
Answer: (b).4-bits

76. One that is referred as main memory is called
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. hard disk
d. CD
Answer: (a).RAM

77. NUMA related to computers, is an abbreviation of
a. uniform memory access
b. non uniform memory access
c. under memory access
d. non uniform module access
Answer: (b).non uniform memory access

78. A process needs
a. through put to execute
b. timer to execute
c. resources to execute
d. both a and b
Answer: (c).resources to execute

79. An executed program of the computer system is called?
a. trap
b. process
c. program
d. interrupt
Answer: (b).process

80. Dual core processors are the processors having
a. 1 Processor
b. 2 Processors
c. 3 Processors
d. 4 Processors
Answer: (b).2 Processors