81. Response time in time sharing of operating system is usually
a. 1sec
b. 1sec
c. less than 1sec
d. more than 1sec
Answer: (c).less than 1sec

82. One that is not a part of a desktop computer is
a. mouse
b. monitor
c. printer
d. keyboard
Answer: (c).printer

83. A single threaded process of operating system programs has
a. One program counter
b. Two program counters
c. Three program counters
d. Four program counters
Answer: (a).One program counter

84. Process creation is handled by
a. input
b. output
c. operating system
d. memory
Answer: (c).operating system

85. In a time-sharing system the operating system must ensure reasonable response time which is accomplished through?
a. Operating System
b. I/O Devices
c. Virtual memory
d. Swapping
Answer: (d).Swapping

86. Division by zero error are caused by
a. user defined code
b. OS code
c. process
d. interrupt
Answer: (a).user defined code

87. UMA related to computers, is an abbreviation of
a. uniform memory access
b. non uniform memory access
c. under memory access
d. uniform module access
Answer: (a).uniform memory access

88. Jobs of the computer system for execution are loaded into
a. device
b. registers
c. memory
d. both a and b
Answer: (c).memory

89. For Orderly access to the shared memory a computer system uses
a. memory controllers
b. microcontrollers
c. device controllers
d. macro controllers
Answer: (a).memory controllers

90. Interrupt mechanism for every computer system is
a. same
b. different
c. pre-defined
d. both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b