51. One that is not a operating system mode is
a. user mode
b. kernel mode
c. supervisor mode
d. system mode
Answer: (d).system mode

52. Dynamic random access memory with battery backup is
a. RAM
Answer: (b).NVRAM

53. MB memory storage stands for?
a. meta byte
b. Meta data
c. mega byte
d. mega bit
Answer: (c).mega byte

54. First process that is executed by operating system during booting is
a. init
b. initl
c. mint
d. start
Answer: (a).init

55. Multiprocessor environment of the computer system uses
a. parallel resources
b. dedicated resources
c. shared resources
d. both a and b
Answer: (c).shared resources

56. A software generated interrupt caused by an error during program execution is called?
a. a trap
b. a program
c. a process
d. a malware
Answer: (a).a trap

57. DMA is the part of computer system which is the abbreviation of?
a. dynamic memory address
b. direct memory access
c. dynamic memory access
d. direct memory address
Answer: (b).direct memory access

58. Quad core processors are the processors having
a. 1 Processor
b. 2 Processors
c. 3 Processors
d. 4 Processors
Answer: (d).4 Processors

59. Each blade server of the computer system has its own
a. memory
b. hardware
c. programs
d. operating system
Answer: (d).operating system

60. One byte memory storage is a collection of
a. characters
b. nibble
c. bits
d. words
Answer: (c).bits

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