531. Binary semaphores are also known as
a. Simple locks
b. Boolean locks
c. Mutex locks
d. Simplex lock

Answer: (c).Mutex locks

532. A collection of instructions (or operations) that performs a single logical function is called a
a. Job
b. Events
c. Transaction
d. Schedule

Answer: (c).Transaction

533. Which one operation signifies that the transaction has terminated its execution
a. Commit
b. Abort
c. Hang
d. Modify

Answer: (a).Commit

534. Which one is an example of race condition
a. Simple Switch
b. Light Switch
c. Smart Switch
d. Enterprise Switch

Answer: (b).Light Switch

535. In deadlock,only one process at a time can use the resource,this condition is called
a. Single exclusion
b. Exclusive exclusion
c. Smart exclusion
d. Mutual exclusion

Answer: (d).Mutual exclusion

536. ________ is solved by Dijkstra's banking algorithm
a. Deadlock recurrence
b. Deadlock avoidance
c. Deadlock exclusion
d. Deadlock recovery

Answer: (b).Deadlock avoidance

537. The run-time mapping from virtual to physical addresses is done by a hardware device called
a. Process Management Unit
b. CPU Management Unit
c. Memory Management Unit
d. Event Management Unit

Answer: (c).Memory Management Unit

538. Whenever the CPU scheduler decides to execute a process, it calls the
a. Dispatcher
b. Scheduler
c. Performer
d. None of the above

Answer: (a).Dispatcher

539. The total transfer time is ________ to the amount of memory swapped
a. directly proportional
b. indirectly proportional
c. equal
d. None of the above

Answer: (a).directly proportional

540. Which one is a memory-management scheme that permits the physical address space of a process to be noncontiguous
a. scheduling
b. swapping
c. paging
d. segmentation

Answer: (c).paging