21. Each user of the computer system that uses computer services has at least
a. 1program
b. 2programs
c. 3programs
d. 4programs
Answer: (a).1program

22. Clusters of the computer system can be used more efficiently using
a. serialization
b. parallelization
c. LAN
d. WAN
Answer: (b).parallelization

23. A properly designed operating system must ensure that an incorrect (or malicious) program cannot cause other programs to execute
a. incorrectly
b. Correctly
c. both a and b
d. None
Answer: (a).incorrectly

24. Table of pointers for interrupt to be executed contains the
a. interrupts
b. programs
c. addresses
d. compilers
Answer: (c).addresses

25. The user view of the system depends upon the
a. CPU
b. software
c. hardware
d. interface
Answer: (d).interface

26. Memories are normally classified according to their
a. speed
b. cost
c. indexes
d. both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b

27. SCSI system is the abbreviation of the
a. small common-system interface
b. small common-system interaction
c. small computer-system interface
d. small computer-system interaction
Answer: (c).small computer-system interface

28. Multi-processing systems of the computer system are of
a. 2 types
b. 3 types
c. 4 types
d. 5 types
Answer: (a).2 types

29. Clustered computer systems are normally linked via
a. LAN
b. WAN
c. PAN
d. TAN
Answer: (a).LAN

30. Kernel mode of operating system runs when the mode bit is
a. 1
b. 0
c. x
d. undefined
Answer: (b).0

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