91. Dual core processor system of the computer system has
a. 2cores
b. 3cores
c. 4cores
d. 5cores
Answer: (a).2cores

92. All jobs of OS are not kept in main memory due to its small size so where they resides on disk
a. in RAM
b. in job pool
c. in ROM
d. in CD
Answer: (b).in job pool

93. Loading of the operating system at the start is also called
a. versatile machine
b. clouding
c. versatile memory
d. booting
Answer: (d).booting

94. Operating system of the computer system has simultaneously
a. 2 jobs
b. 3 jobs
c. 4 jobs
d. many jobs
Answer: (d).many jobs

95. In symmetric multiprocessing system N number of CPU can run
a. N-1 processes
b. N+1 processes
c. N processes
d. N-2 processes
Answer: (c).N processes

96. A chip that allows a storage device to communicate with operating system is known as
a. Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)
b. Device Driver
c. I/O Structure
d. both a and b
Answer: (a).Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)

97. During execution how many interrupts are made per block?
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four
Answer: (a).one

98. With multiprocessor approach of the computer system work is done in
a. more time
b. less time
c. uncertainty
d. scalability
Answer: (b).less time

99. For avoiding programs of the operating system to get stuck, system users use
a. trap
b. timers
c. process
d. programs
Answer: (b).timers

100. Initial program that run for starting the system is called?
a. virtualization
b. control program
c. bootstrap program
d. compilers
Answer: (c).bootstrap program