41. Process synchronization of programs is done by
a. input
b. output
c. operating system
d. memory
Answer: (c).operating system

42. After fetching an instruction, the computer
a. Store it
b. decodes it
c. execute it
d. delete it
Answer: (b).decodes it

43. More devices can be connected to computer system through
a. buffers
b. interrupt
c. registers
d. controllers
Answer: (d).controllers

44. System resources of computer system can be utilized better in
a. single program environment
b. dual program environment
c. core environment
d. multi program environment
Answer: (d).multi program environment

45. Static programs of the computer system are stored in
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. hard disk
d. CD
Answer: (b).ROM

46. High performance computing of the computer system tasks are done by
a. node clusters
b. network clusters
c. Beowulf clusters
d. both a and b
Answer: (c).Beowulf clusters

47. Octa-core processor are the processors of the computer system that contains
a. 2 processors
b. 4 processors
c. 6 processors
d. 8 processors
Answer: (d).8 processors

48. Secondary memory of the computer system is able to store
a. program
b. data
c. instructions
d. both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b

49. Control processing unit loads instructions that are executed from
a. hardware
b. shared resources
c. memory
d. both a and b
Answer: (c).memory

50. For running TOPS-20 kernel simulator that is mainly used is
Answer: (d).DECSYSTEM-20

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