71. The phase where the establishment of the channels takes place is
a. setup phase
b. Data transfer phase
c. teardown phase
d. Both a and b
Answer: (b).Data transfer phase

72. The Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network is an example of
a. Packet switching network
b. Datagram Networks
c. Virtual circuit network
d. message switched network
Answer: (c).Virtual circuit network

73. The term that refers the switch does not keep information about the connection state, is
a. connection setup
b. connectionless
c. switchless
d. teardown
Answer: (b).connectionless

74. A switch in a datagram network uses a routing table that is based on the
a. source addresses
b. port addresses
c. destination address
d. None
Answer: (c).destination address

75. Time Division Multiplexing inside a switch, is used by
a. Space division switch
b. crossbar switch
c. packet switch
d. time division switch
Answer: (d).time division switch

76. The network where there is no resource reservation is called
a. Circuit-Switched Networks
b. message-switched networks
c. Packet-switched networks
d. satellite network
Answer: (c).Packet-switched networks

77. The identifier that is actually used for data transfer is called the
a. virtual-circuit identifier
b. global address
c. local address
d. header
Answer: (a).virtual-circuit identifier

78. Three methods of switching are
a. circuit switching, packet switching, and protocol switching
b. circuit switching, packet switching, and message switching
c. Loop switching, packet switching, and message switching
d. Node switching, packet switching, and message switching
Answer: (b).circuit switching, packet switching, and message switching

79. A circuit-switched network is made of switches connected by physical links, in which each link is divided into
a. n channels
b. n+1 channels
c. 2n channels
d. n-1 channels
Answer: (a).n channels

80. A switched network consists of a series of interlinked nodes, called
a. endpoints
b. packets
c. switches
d. links
Answer: (c).switches

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