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What is the maximum speed of fast ethernet
Answer: (c).100 Mbps
The TCP and UDP protocol works in which layer of the OSI Model
Answer: (a).Transport
The inter connectivity of Computers to a common server within a small area is known as
Answer: (a).LAN
Answer: (b).The Link Layer provides process-to-process data exchange for applications
Which of the following is not a function of the network layer?
Answer: (d).Convert data bits into frames

Answer: (c).According to CSMA schemes, that there is predictable or scheduled time for any station to transmit
Answer: (c).Different LANs can be connected with a device called Ethernet card
Answer: (c).TCP and UDP both are connectionless as well as reliable
Answer: (b).List of rules for transferring data over a network
A Computer network consists of __ number of computers or servers or systems.
Answer: (d).All of the above

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