91. The size and format of physical addresses vary depending on the
a. Receiver
b. Message
c. Sender
d. Network
Answer: (d).Network

92. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Networking Protocol have
a. Four Layers
b. Five Layers
c. Six Layers
d. Seven Layers
Answer: (a).Four Layers

93. The parameter that is normally achieved through a trailer added to the end of the frame is
a. Access Control
b. Flow Control
c. Error Control
d. Physical addressing.
Answer: (c).Error Control

94. The packets of data that is transported by IP is called
a. datagrams
b. Frames
c. Segments
d. Encapsulate message
Answer: (a).datagrams

95. The application layer provides the basis for
a. Email services
b. Frame Division
c. File Making
d. None of the above
Answer: (a).Email services

96. The trailer is added only at
a. Physical Layer
b. Data Link Layer
c. transport Layer
d. Network LAYER
Answer: (b).Data Link Layer

97. The 0'th layer of OSI model is
a. Physical layer
b. Application layer
c. Presentation layer
d. Hardware
Answer: (d).Hardware

98. Segmentation and reassembly is the responsibility of
a. 7th Layer
b. 6th Layer
c. 5th Layer
d. 4th layer
Answer: (d).4th layer

99. Port address is also known as
a. Service point address
b. Receiver point address
c. Sender point address
d. Both b and c
Answer: (a).Service point address

100. In encapsulation, the data portion of a packet at level N - 1 carries the whole packet from level
a. N
b. N+1
c. N+2
d. N+3
Answer: (a).N