61. A node which is represented in a computer network topology is basically a
a. computer
b. hub
c. hardware
d. printer
Answer: (a).computer

62. In computer network, short message that travels around the communication medium is called
a. ring
b. star
c. mesh
d. token
Answer: (d).token

63. Computer network topology which uses routers is
a. bus
b. ring
c. mesh
d. tree
Answer: (c).mesh

64. In computer, two dissimilar networks can be connected by a
a. gateway
b. bridge
c. bus
d. ring
Answer: (b).bridge

65. Flow of data in a computer ring network topology is
a. uni directional
b. bi directional
c. simplex
d. duplex
Answer: (a).uni directional

66. Which of the following is not a computer LAN topology?
a. bus
b. band
c. star
d. ring
Answer: (b).band

67. Which of the following is not a benefit of a computer network?
a. reduce hardware cost
b. connect people
c. enable shared applications
d. produce high quality programs
Answer: (d).produce high quality programs

68. Computer topology which is made up of an unbroken circle of network nodes is called
a. bus
b. star
c. ring
d. mesh
Answer: (c).ring

69. In computer, FDDI is a
a. ring network
b. star network
c. mesh network
d. bus network
Answer: (a).ring network

70. Computer network topology in which user connects each network node to a central device hub is called
a. bus topology
b. ring topology
c. star topology
d. mesh topology
Answer: (c).star topology

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