11. Application layer protocol defines
a. types of messages exchanged
b. message format, syntax and semantics
c. rules for when and how processes send and respond to messages
d. all of the mentioned
Answer: (d).all of the mentioned

12. Which one of the following protocol delivers/stores mail to receiver server?
a. simple mail transfer protocol
b. post office protocol
c. internet mail access protocol
d. hypertext transfer protocol
Answer: (a).simple mail transfer protocol

13. The ASCII encoding of binary data is called
a. base 64 encoding
b. base 32 encoding
c. base 16 encoding
d. base 8 encoding
Answer: (a).base 64 encoding

14. Which one of the following is not an application layer protocol?
a. media gateway protocol
b. dynamic host configuration protocol
c. resource reservation protocol
d. session initiation protocol
Answer: (c).resource reservation protocol

15. Which protocol is a signalling communication protocol used for controlling multimedia communication sessions?
a. session initiation protocol
b. session modelling protocol
c. session maintenance protocol
d. none of the mentioned
Answer: (a).session initiation protocol

16. Which one of the following is not correct?
a. application layer protocols are used by both source and destination devices during a communication session
b. application layer protocols implemented on the source and destination host must match
c. both (a) and (b)
d. none of the mentioned
Answer: (c).both (a) and (b)

17. When displaying a web page, the application layer uses the
a. HTTP protocol
b. FTP protocol
c. SMTP protocol
d. none of the mentioned
Answer: (a).HTTP protocol

18. This is not a application layer protocol
c. FTP
d. TCP
Answer: (d).TCP

19. The chunk of information at the application layer is called
a. Packet
b. Message
c. Segment
d. Frame
Answer: (b).Message

20. Electronic mail uses this Application layer protocol
c. FTP
d. SIP
Answer: (a).SMTP

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