11. The Application layer in OSI is implemented in
a. NIC
b. Ethernet
c. End System
d. None
Answer: (c).End System

12. Application developer has permission to decide the following on transport layer side
a. Transport layer protocol
b. Maximum buffer size
c. Both a and b
d. None of the mentioned
Answer: (c).Both a and b

13. Application layer offers _______ service
a. End to end
b. Process to process
c. Both of the mentioned
d. None of the mentioned
Answer: (a).End to end

14. E-mail is
a. Loss-tolerant application
b. Bandwidth-sensitive application
c. Elastic application
d. None of the mentioned
Answer: (c).Elastic application

15. Which of the following is an application layer service ?
a. Network virtual terminal
b. File transfer, access, and management
c. Mail service
d. All of the mentioned
Answer: (d).All of the mentioned

16. This is a time-sensitive service
a. File transfer
b. File download
c. E-mail
d. Internet telephony
Answer: (d).Internet telephony

17. _______ is the standard mechanism provided by TCP/IP for copying a file from one host to another.
d. none of the above
Answer: (d).none of the above

18. FTP uses the services of ________.
a. UDP
b. IP
c. TCP
d. none of the above
Answer: (c).TCP

19. In FTP, the well-known port ____ is used for the control connection and the well-known port ________ for the data connection.
a. 21; 22
b. 21; 20
c. 20; 21
d. none of the above
Answer: (b).21; 20

20. In FTP, _______ is the service type used by the IP protocol because this is an interactive connection between a user (human) and a server.
a. maximize throughput
b. minimize delay
c. minimize error
d. none of the above
Answer: (b).minimize delay

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