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Answer: (d).no subset of individual requirements described in it conflict with each other
Which of the following statements about SRS is/are true ?
i. SRS is written by customer
ii. SRS is written by a developer
iii. SRS serves as a contract between customer and developer
Answer: (c).All are true
The SRS document is also known as _____________ specification.
Answer: (a).black-box
Which of the following is included in SRS ?
Answer: (b).Design Constraints
Which of the following is not included in SRS ?
Answer: (c).Design solutions
Arrange the given sequence to form a SRS Prototype outline as per IEEE SRS Standard.
i. General description
ii. Introduction
iii. Index
iv. Appendices
v. Specific Requirements
Answer: (c).ii, i, v, iv, iii
Consider the following Statement: “The output of a program shall be given within 10secs of event X 10% of the time.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?
Answer: (b).Verifiable
Consider the following Statement: “The data set will contain an end of file character.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?
Answer: (b).Non-verifiable
Consider the following Statement: “The product should have a good human interface.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?
Answer: (b).Non-Verifiable
Which two requirements are given priority during Requirement Management of a product ?
Answer: (c).Enduring and Volatile

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