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Answer: (c).To support the complete development process Explanation:Software development tools range from tools supporting a single activity to integrated environments supporting a complete development process.
Answer: (b).By increasing software development productivity Explanation:The result is an ever-increasing shortage of personnel; we are less and less able to satisfy the quest for software. To turn the tide, we must look for techniques that result in significant productivity gains.
Which of the following is an example of a software tool used for testing?
Answer: (d).Test drivers Explanation:During testing, tools like test drivers and test harnesses have been used for a long time.
Answer: (c).The use of software tools to support design activities Explanation:The application of tools in the software development process is referred to as Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE). Apart from the traditional implementation and test tools, CASE has a relatively short history. The first tools to support design activities appeared in the early 1980s.
Answer: (c).By supporting checking conformance to standards Explanation:Tools may support checking conformance to standards. Tools may help to quantify the degree of testing.
Answer: (a).Computer Aided Software Engineering Explanation:CASE stands for Computer Aided Software Engineering.
Answer: (c).According to the breadth of support they offer Explanation:CASE products are classified according to the breadth of support they offer.
What are products called that support a limited set of activities in the software development process?
Answer: (b).Workbenches Explanation:A coherent set of tools with a limited scope is referred to as a workbench.
Answer: (d).Toolkits offer a set of useful building blocks while language-centered environments contain tools specifically suited for a programming language Explanation:The toolkits offer a set of useful building blocks while language-centered environments contain tools specifically suited for the support of software development in a specific programming language.
Answer: (a).A data repository Explanation:The heart of an integrated environment is a data repository containing a wealth of information on the product to be developed.
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