91. The connecting device which operates at the physical and data link layer is called
a. repeater
b. bridge
c. router
d. gateway
Answer: (b).bridge

92. Bridges are also repeaters and
a. Regenerator
b. Preprocessor
c. Amplifier
d. All of the above
Answer: (a).Regenerator

93. A transparent bridge's duties include
a. filtering frames
b. forwarding
c. blocking
d. All of them
Answer: (d).All of them

94. The repeater is a
a. amplifier
b. generator
c. modifier
d. regenerator
Answer: (d).regenerator

95. In transparent bridges, the systems administrator would manually enter each table entry during
a. Data Setup
b. Bridge Setup
c. Frame Setup
d. Packages Setup
Answer: (b).Bridge Setup

96. There is no filtering capability in
a. hubs
b. bridges
c. gateways
d. repeaters
Answer: (d).repeaters

97. The data of the bridge frames must be fragmented into several frames, then the incoming frame's size is too
a. Short
b. Long
c. Large
d. limited
Answer: (c).Large

98. A system equipped with transparent bridges must meet
a. Three Criteria
b. Two Criteria
c. One Criteria
d. None of the given
Answer: (a).Three Criteria

99. The bridge must buffer the frame to compensate for the incurred
a. Loss
b. Difference
c. Shortage
d. Damage
Answer: (b).Difference

100. A repeater connects segments of the same
a. Wide area network
b. Wireless Network
c. Local area network
d. Metropolitan Network
Answer: (c).Local area network

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