1. If FACE is coded as HCEG, then the code for HIGH will be:
Answer: (d).JKIJ

2. The next number in the series 12, 15, 21, 33, 57, ......, is:
a. 95
b. 107
c. 97
d. 105
Answer: (d).105

3. The next term in the letter series DY, JX, OW, SV, VU, ......... is:
a. WV
b. XT
c. XS
d. YT
Answer: (b).XT

4. Which of these words is different from the rest?
a. Tall
b. Huge
c. Thin
d. Sharp
Answer: (d).Sharp

5. Ram said to Shyam, “That girl playing with the doll, is the younger of the two daughters of my father’s wife”.
How is the girl playing with the doll is related to Ram?
a. Sister
b. Aunty
c. Sister-in-law
d. Cousin
Answer: (a).Sister

6. A postman walked 20 m straight from his office, turned right and walked 10 m. After turning left he walked 10 m and after turning right walked 20 m. He again turned right and walked 70 m. How far he is from his office?
a. 20 m.
b. 50 m.
c. 40 m.
d. 60 m.
Answer: (b).50 m.

7. In the series 1, 6, 15, 28, 45, ………… the next term will be:
a. 84
b. 66
c. 76
d. 56
Answer: (b).66

8. Among the following, identify the continuous type of data:
a. Number of languages a person speaks
b. Number of children in a household
c. Population of cities
d. Weight of students in a class
Answer: (d).Weight of students in a class

9. Ali buys a glass, a pencil box and a cup and pays Rs.21 to the shopkeeper. Rakesh buys a cup, two pencil boxes and a glass and pays Rs.28 to the shopkeeper. Preeti buys two glasses, a cup and two pencil boxes and pays Rs.35 to the shopkeeper. The cost of 10 cups will be
a. Rs.40
b. Rs.60
c. Rs.80
d. Rs.70
Answer: (d).Rs.70

10. The missing term in the series 1,4,27,16, ?,36,343, ... is
a. 30
b. 49
c. 125
d. 81
Answer: (c).125

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