1. Full form of PDF is:
a. Portable Document Format
b. Portable Data Format
c. Portable Document Form
d. Portable Data Form
Answer: (a).Portable Document Format

2. A Terabyte is equal to:
a. 1024 Megabytes
b. 1024 Gigabytes
c. 1024 × 1024 Kilobytes
d. 1024 Kilobytes
Answer: (b).1024 Gigabytes

3. The binary equivalent of (–23)10 is (2’s complement system for negative numbers is used):
a. 10111
b. 01001
c. 01010
d. 01000
Answer: (b).01001

4. DNS stands for:
a. Domain Name Standard
b. Domain Name System
c. Distributed Name System
d. Dynamic Name Standard
Answer: (b).Domain Name System

5. Which of the given statements are true?

(a) Modem is a Networking device
(b) Modem is a Voltage stabilizer
(c) Modem converts analogue signal to digital signal and vice-versa.
a. (a) and (b)
b. (b) and (c)
c. (a) and (c)
d. (a), (b) and (c)
Answer: (c).(a) and (c)

6. Which of the following domains is used for - profit businesses?
a. .com
b. .org
c. .net
d. .edu
Answer: (a)

7. What is the name for a webpage address?
a. URL
b. Domain
c. Directory
d. Protocol
Answer: (a).URL

8. Which of the following represents billion characters?
a. Gigabytes
b. Terabytes
c. Megabytes
d. Kilobytes
Answer: (a).Gigabytes

9. The data storage hierarchy consists of :
a. Bits, bytes, fields, files, records and databases
b. Bytes, bits, fields, records, files and databases
c. Bits, bytes, fields, records, files and databases
d. Bits, bytes, records, fields, files and databases
Answer: (c).Bits, bytes, fields, records, files and databases

10. What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities?
a. United Serial Bus
b. Ultra Security Block
c. Universal Security Block
d. Universal Serial Bus
Answer: (d).Universal Serial Bus

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