61. Which is the first step in the software development life cycle ?
a. Analysis
b. Design
c. Problem/Opportunity Identification
d. Development and Documentation
Answer: (c).Problem/Opportunity Identification

62. A step by step instruction used to solve a problem is known as
a. Sequential structure
b. A List
c. A plan
d. An Algorithm
Answer: (d).An Algorithm

63. Which tool consist of programming environments like IDE, in-built modules library and simulation tools?
a. Web development tools
b. Prototyping tools
c. Programming tools
d. Design tools
Answer: (c).Programming tools

64. The total number of distinct operator and operand occurrences measures are used in ______ .
a. Lawrence theory
b. Halstead's theory
c. Jech, T.
d. Kyburg, H. E.
Answer: (b).Halstead's theory

65. Which model depicts the profile of the end users of a computer system?
a. User model
b. Requirements model
c. Design model
d. State model
Answer: (a).User model

66. Which question no longer concerns the modern software engineer?
a. Why does computer hardware cost so much?
b. Why does software take a long time to finish?
c. Why does it cost so much to develop a piece of software?
d. Why can't software errors be removed from products prior to delivery?
Answer: (a).Why does computer hardware cost so much?

67. Software deteriorates rather than wears out because
a. Software suffers from exposure to hostile environments
b. Defects are more likely to arise after software has been used often
c. Multiple change requests introduce errors in component interactions
d. Software spare parts become harder to order
Answer: (c).Multiple change requests introduce errors in component interactions

68. Most software continues to be custom built because
a. Component reuse is common in the software world.
b. Reusable components are too expensive to use.
c. Software is easier to build without using someone else's components.
d. Off-the-shelf software components are unavailable in many application domains.
Answer: (d).Off-the-shelf software components are unavailable in many application domains.

69. The nature of software applications can be characterized by their information
a. complexity
b. content
c. determinacy
d. both b and c
Answer: (d).both b and c

70. Which of these are the 5 generic software engineering framework activities?
a. communication, planning, modeling, construction, deployment
b. communication, risk management, measurement, production, reviewing
c. analysis, designing, programming, debugging, maintenance
d. analysis, planning, designing, programming, testing
Answer: (a).communication, planning, modeling, construction, deployment