321. Auto reports can contain each of the following elements except
a. A detail section
b. A page footer
c. A group header
d. All of the above
Answer: (d).All of the above

322. What is the abbreviation used for a software package that permits the user to create, retrieve and maintain records in a database?
b. FMS
Answer: (d).DBMS

323. A repository for data, usually covering some specific topic is called
a. Data acquisition
b. Data bank
c. Real time
d. Database
Answer: (b).Data bank

324. A data item, which is not broken down into smaller units, is
a. Data element
b. Elementary data item
c. Data entry
d. Database management
Answer: (b).Elementary data item

325. Which of the following terms refers to the degree to which data in database system are accurate and correct?
a. Data security
b. Data validaity
c. Data independence
d. Data integrity
Answer: (d).Data integrity

326. A set of programs that handle firms database responsibilities is called a
a. Database Management System (DBMS)
b. Database Processing System (DBPS)
c. Data Management System (DMS)
d. All of above
Answer: (d).All of above

327. Which is used to provide the sight information to the right person at the right time for proper decision making ?
b. MIS
c. ISO
d. PSO
Answer: (b).MIS

328. Dbase-III was developed by
a. Dec
b. IBM
c. Ashton-tate
d. All of the above
Answer: (c).Ashton-tate

329. Which of the following database objects asks a question of information in a database and then displays the result?
a. Tables
b. Reports
c. Queries
d. Forms
Answer: (c).Queries

330. What data type should you choose for a zip code field in a table?
a. Text
b. Number
c. Memo
d. All of above
Answer: (a).Text