461. Technique that effectively doubles capacity of a disk is known to be
a. Data compression utility
b. Disk compression utility
c. System compression utility
d. Block compression utility
Answer: (a).Data compression utility

462. A program in execution is known to be a/an
a. Operation
b. Process
c. Function
d. Activity
Answer: (b).Process

463. Processes are managed by process managers to minimize
a. Throughput
b. Turnaround time
c. Idle time
d. Access time
Answer: (c).Idle time

464. Set of jobs submitted together to computer and output was generated automatically by an operating system in mechanism of
a. Process control mechanism
b. Job control mechanism
c. Manual loading mechanism
d. Batch processing mechanism
Answer: (d).Batch processing mechanism

465. Processes submitted to a system are managed by
a. File management
b. Job management
c. Activity management
d. Process management
Answer: (d).Process management

466. Manual loading of jobs by a computer operator, one after another in a computer, is mechanism of
a. Batch processing mechanism
b. Manual loading mechanism
c. Job control mechanism
d. Process control mechanism
Answer: (b).Manual loading mechanism

467. A part of operating system with responsibility of allocating CPU to processes is known to be
a. CPU scheduler
b. CPU assist
c. CPU programming
d. CPU tasker
Answer: (a).CPU scheduler

468. For loaded processes, operating system maintains a
a. Process control block
b. Partition control block
c. Process collaborative block
d. Program computing block
Answer: (a).Process control block

469. Main memory must balance out CPU bound and I/O bound jobs, so that
a. All jobs are executed once
b. Few jobs get executed at a time
c. At least one job is always ready to utilize CPU
d. At least one job is always ready to utilize I/O devices
Answer: (c).At least one job is always ready to utilize CPU

470. For multiprogramming, large main memory is required to accommodate
a. User programs
b. Operating system
c. Resource sharing
d. Both a and b
Answer: (d).Both a and b