491. For I/O bound jobs, in a uniprogramming process CPU can be in idle state for
a. 10-20% of time
b. 30-40% of time
c. 60-70% of time
d. 80-90% of time
Answer: (d).80-90% of time

492. All system resources are made exclusively available for job till its completion in process of
a. Uniprogramming
b. Multiprogramming with variable jobs
c. Multiprogramming
d. Multiprogramming with fixed jobs
Answer: (a).Uniprogramming

493. A system having main memory less than total memory required by process, results in
a. Memory efficient utilization
b. Memory under utilization
c. No loading of process
d. Loading of process
Answer: (c).No loading of process

494. Process of transferring block of data from online secondary storage to main memory is called
a. Swapping out of data
b. Swapping in of data
c. Swapping through data
d. Swapping from data
Answer: (b).Swapping in of data

495. Process of transferring data from main memory to online secondary storage is called
a. Swapping from data
b. Swapping out of data
c. Swapping in of data
d. Swapping through data
Answer: (b).Swapping out of data

496. Before execution an entire process doesn't need to be in memory, in technique of
a. Offline storage
b. Online storage
c. Virtual memory
d. Procedural memory
Answer: (c).Virtual memory

497. Storage system with low cost and large capacity with low speed system is known to be
a. Offline disk storage
b. Online disk storage
c. Offline tape storage
d. Online tape storage
Answer: (b).Online disk storage

498. All processes in a virtual memory system are partitioned into
a. Packets
b. Cells
c. Tables
d. Pages
Answer: (d).Pages

499. A secondary storage with larger capacity than main memory and is always kept online is known to be
a. Virtual memory
b. Absolute memory
c. Online storage
d. Offline storage
Answer: (a).Virtual memory

500. Virtual memory is difficult to implement, due to algorithms to support
a. Filing
b. Scheduling
c. Sequencing
d. Demand paging
Answer: (d).Demand paging