451. Microsoft Windows NT was designed to have
a. UNIX like features
b. Linux like features
c. DOS like features
d. iOS like features
Answer: (a).UNIX like features

452. A multi-user, time sharing operating system developed by Microsoft was named as
a. Windows 2.0
b. MS Windows NT
d. Windows XP
Answer: (b).MS Windows NT

453. First successful Microsoft Windows was
a. Windows 1.0
b. Windows 2.0
c. Windows 3.0
d. Windows 4.0
Answer: (c).Windows 3.0

454. Creation of copy of data on same storage media is responsibility of
a. Data Restore utility
b. Data Store utility
c. Data Backup utility
d. Data Format utility
Answer: (c).Data Backup utility

455. A source program can be translated to an object program by means of
a. Processing programs
b. Operating programs
c. Translating programs
d. Formatting programs
Answer: (c).Translating programs

456. Language processors are also known to be
a. Translating programs
b. Systematic programs
c. Structural programs
d. Processing programs
Answer: (a).Translating programs

457. New disk is formatted according to requirements of associated operating system with utility program of
a. Disk formatting utility
b. Data formatting utility
c. Disk compression utility
d. Data compression utility
Answer: (a).Disk formatting utility

458. Translating programs are said to be
a. Absolute programs
b. System programs
c. Procedured programs
d. Structured programs
Answer: (b).System programs

459. Frequently used functions and operations are stored in
a. Library programs
b. Utility programs
c. Formatting programs
d. Compressed programs
Answer: (a).Library programs

460. Users are assisted with system maintenance tasks by means of
a. Formatting programs
b. Compressed programs
c. Library programs
d. Utility programs
Answer: (d).Utility programs