61. The _______________ of the desired memory location is applied to the address input terminals.
a. Name
b. Address
c. Number
d. Level
Answer: (b).Address

62. In a sequential memory, the words are stored in and read out in a_______________ .
a. Parallel
b. Sequence
c. Length
d. None of the above
Answer: (b).Sequence

63. I/O function allows to exchange data directly between an
a. Process States
b. Registers
c. I/O module and the processor
d. I/O devices
Answer: (c).I/O module and the processor

64. Cache memory is intended to provide memory access
a. Fastest
b. Slow
c. Very Slow
d. Fast
Answer: (a).Fastest

65. Data stores in
a. Monitor
b. Mouse
c. secondary storage
d. Keyboard
Answer: (c).secondary storage

66. Interrupts are provided primarily as a way to
a. Improve processor utilization
b. Improve processor execution
c. Improve processor control
d. Improve processor speed
Answer: (a).Improve processor utilization

67. Index register involves adding an
a. Index
b. Instruction
c. Information
d. I/O device
Answer: (a).Index

68. Program counter contains the address of the
a. Next programs to be fetched
b. Previous programs to be fetched
c. Previous information to be fetched
d. Next information to be fetched
Answer: (d).Next information to be fetched

69. Memory modules consist of
a. Set of Instructions
b. Set of Registers
c. Set of Locations
d. Set of Programs
Answer: (c).Set of Locations

70. Processor is often referred to
a. Central Processing Unit
b. Hardware
c. System Bus
d. I/O Modules
Answer: (a).Central Processing Unit